Award Winning Clock Repair

Watch and Clock Repair Man with more than 4 Decades in the Field Receives Recognition from Area Business manager

Customer service Citation Granted on Fred Bartholomew, manager of All Clocks Repaired at Breakfast Gathering with National Real Estate Network

Fred Bartholomew has been acknowledged for the 6th consecutive year with the Top Rated Service Award at an exclusive dinner party with the National Real Estate Network. Mark Maupin organizer of National Real Estate Network expressed "Fred is a superior business manager who is continually going over and above to make an impact for people. Immediately after our gathering, I followed him to a client's home so he could have a look at her grandfather clock. He addressed it right there on the spot explaining that it is preferable to fix a grandfather clock where it stands in lieu of moving it if possible."

Mr. Bartholomew has been in clock repair service in Michigan since the early 1980's and he has an abundance of experience repairing and rejuvenating all sorts of clocks and watches, including vintage and modern-day. His enthusiasm is fixing grandfather clocks but he also is able to repair French Clocks, Atmos Clocks and other unique and exquisite antiques time pieces.

When it concerns the larger sized clocks such as grandfather clocks, he comes with the experience to competently take care of the significantly heavy weights and movements that are fundamental with this style. He also handles the most elaborate and fragile components of the movements that an Atmos clock requires.

Mr. Bartholomew's "people skill" is incredible. His objective is "client gratification," and he certainly delivers. He picks up references from the Howard Miller corporate office for clock set up, yearly servicing, and all other specialized repairs that are needed. He is a qualified professional that can handle from the simplest repair to the most sophisticated.

Mark Maupin mentioned "I designate Fred the Tick Tock Man because there in not much in the clock repair arena that Fred cannot tackle!" Fred focuses in repairing all designs of clocks, including antique and modern, wall clocks, grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, Atmos Clocks and more.

All Clocks Repaired works in the Detroit Metropolitan area, including West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Waterford, Royal Oak, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Rochester Hills, Troy, Oxford, and surrounding cities and communities.  

Clock Repair Service Area

Fred Bartholomew provides expert clock repair and service and offers free pick up and delivery of grandfather clocks in the Metro Detroit area, Birmingham, Rochester, Rochester Hills, West Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Waterford, White Lake, Highland, Farmington Hills, Auburn Hills, Franklin, Ann Arbor and neighboring cities and communities.

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