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Favorably Recognized Clock Repair Wizard and Genial Business Man Brings together the Most Current Concepts with Old-fashioned Charm

Just like the stunning antique timepieces he works with, the local clock repair expert is a living display of delightfulness and sophistication

The local clock repair man always keeps a smile on his face and a liveliness in his step; yet, he is personable and trendy, well-dressed and immaculate. As he explains, in the clock repair business, tidiness is crucial. The fine moving components of antique timepieces including grandfather clocks, French Clocks and Atmos clocks need to be kept clean! Dust and debris can be damaging to the intricate parts of these delightful treasures.

Indeed, as time proceeds and technology develops newer methods of clock repair emerge; yet, the antique perfection of the old-time clocks must be taken care of. Taking advantage of some of the most essential innovation while maintaining the antique appeal is the objective with Fred Bartholomew, owner of All Clocks Repaired.

Local business man, Mark Maupin, who has also had grandfather clock repair announced, "I've known Fred for over 20 years and I have had the chance to join him while he handled some incredibly stylish clocks, one being an extraordinary, French Clock which he managed with skillful care. I was astonished to see the big guy work with the parts so lightly and masterfully."

Fred Bartholomew's motto is to fix all clocks promptly and efficiently as he settles for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. He has found that a lot of people have exquisite grandfather clocks that do not keep correct time since the owners do not know who to depend on for qualified repair service. Though a number of these clocks have drastically diminished in value, they continue to be treasured to their owners who aspire to delight in their legacy and pass it on to future generations.

Along with a plethora of skill in servicing and revitalizing all kinds of clocks, both modern-day and old-fashioned timepieces, Fred is certain he can fix almost any kind of clock or watch. He specializes in grandfather clock repair but also fixes Seth Thomas, Colonial, Ridgeway, Howard Miller, Mantle clocks, French, English, German clocks and more.

Fred hardly ever has to advertise as most of his new business originates from word of mouth. All Clocks Repaired gets many new referrals from willing clients and references from the Howard Miller corporate office for clock set up, annual servicing, and most other special repairs that are needed. He is a wizard who can deal with from the simple repair to the most detailed.

About All Clocks Repaired: Fred Bartholomew embarked on his academic clock repair lessons in 1971 at the Seth Thomas repair facility in Dallas, Texas. He emerged as a journeyman for the company that opened in 1917. Fred has also performed as an employee of Raymond Weil who is deemed to be one of the foremost clock and watch repair men in the world. From pocket watches and antique time pieces to grandfather clocks, all clock repair service is carried out expertly with close attention to detail to keep time moving ahead, accurately and precisely.

Clock Repair Service Area

Fred Bartholomew provides expert clock repair and service and offers free pick up and delivery of grandfather clocks in the Metro Detroit area, Birmingham, Rochester, Rochester Hills, West Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Waterford, White Lake, Highland, Farmington Hills, Auburn Hills, Franklin, Ann Arbor and neighboring cities and communities.

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